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Important Steps to Report a Claim

Motor Claim

Being involved in a Traffic accident can be very frustrating and stressful. However, if you are involved in an accident DO NOT act in anger or vent your frustration in any way. Remain calm and in control.

Here are some helpful tips to follow if you are ever involved in a traffic accident:

1. Safety First: If you can, ensure you or anyone else isn’t hurt or in physical danger. If so, call 911 immediately if an ambulance is needed.

2. Always Notify the Police: This is crucial in ensuring that the accident is properly investigated and determining who was liable for same. This will also serve as great aid when it comes to handling your insurance claim should you decide to file one.

3. Never Admit Liability: Although you may think you are the cause of an accident, never admit liability in haste. Instead seek your insurer’s advice and consent. Also remember that you may be in breach of your policy conditions by admitting liability without your insurer’s consent.

4. Gather Information: If another vehicle is involved: exchange name, address, telephone number and the name of insurance company with them. Also record the make, model and license plate number of each vehicle involved. If possible, write down a description of the damage. However taking pictures of the other vehicle and scene of the accident is always an easy alternative. Also collect the names and contact information of all witnesses if any

5. Notify Your Insurance Company: At the earliest opportunity contact our office on any of the numbers mentioned below or your agent and inform them that you have been involved in accident. This is crucial since there are a number of conditions in your insurance contract that you must satisfy in order to receive compensation. Failure to complete or comply with any of these actions could result in non-payment by your insurance company for losses that otherwise would have been covered.

Fire Claims

1. The customer is required to notify the insurance company as soon as practicable or within 15 days after the loss occurred.

2. Once we are notified of the loss, the customer is advised to take all steps necessary to secure and protect the property from further damage.

3. An inspection of the property is conducted by NAFICO’s representative as soon as possible.

4. A copy of NAFICO’s claim form is given to the customer which they are advise to complete and submit.

5. An application is made by our company for a Police report and a Fire report immediately.

6. An independent contractor is hired by our company to inspect and provide an assessment on the amount for damages.

7. The customer is asked to provide an estimate of the damages from a contractor on their behalf.

8. Documentations such as Proof of Ownership (Transport), Statement from witnesses, Copy of ID card etc is requested from policyholder.

9. After all investigations are completed to the satisfaction of our company we then negotiate a settlement with the policyholder.

Claims under Life Insurance

Death Claims

Submission of the following documents:
1 Completed claim form (to be completed by Beneficiary/Administrator of Estate)
2 Attending Physician’ Form
3 Death certificate
4 Birth Certificate/Passport/ID Card of deceased person
5 Claimant’s ID Card/Passport
6 Letters of Administration (where necessary)
Claim processing period – As soon as 10 business days

Medical Claims

Submission of the following documents:
1 Completed claim form (to be completed by Doctor and Insured person)
2 Original receipts
3 NIS Statement (where necessary)
Claim processing period – As soon as 15 business days

Report a Claim

Fire   227-8717

Life  226-9325

Motor  227-0444